Workshop and Sharpening

Paradice can offer a wide range of services to keep your Skates in working order. Whether it be Figure Skates, Ice Hockey Skates or Inline Hockey Skates, the Paradice Team will fix them up for you.

WorkShop and Skate sharpening are a 3 day service.

Below is a list of services and associated prices.

Dont forget your regrind ticket. No ticket, No skates!

figure skate
Ice Hockey Blade Sharpening$15.00
Figure Skate Blade Sharpening$15.00
Goalie Skate Blade Sharpening$15.00
Rivets$3.50 ea
Figure Skate Screws$2.00 ea
Lace Hooks$3.50 ea
Boot Stretching$15.00
Ankle Popping$15.00
Rust Removal$15.00
Sole Repairs$15.50
Blade Straightening$11.00
Figure Skate Blade Fitting*$50.00
Figure Skate Blade Fitting (Edea Skates*)$75.00
skate sharpen_332x266Learning to skate