Paradice public sessions are run with music, special effects and games.

Each aspect is tailored to each public session and how busy the sessions are. Please have a look at our Specials page for more information on what you might expect from the public session you wish to attend. Otherwise please contact us for more information about our public sessions

Children under 13 should be supervised by an adult. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR UNSUPERVISED MINORS.

The below schedule will be UPDATED REGULARLY during the Covid-19 OUTBREAK.

To ensure the health and safety of staff and customers we are changing our operating hours for this coming weekend.
Public Skating will be available in two-hour sessions to provide time for a clean of the venue between each session to provide a clean, hygienic environment for everyone.

Botany490 Ti Rakau DrivePhone 09 273 2999
East Auckland


**CLOSING until further notice**

In light of the public health threat posed by Covid-19 Corona Virus, and as part of having a duty of care to our staff, our customers and our wider community, we have decided that Paradice Ice Skating will be CLOSING until further notice. This includes Putters Paradice Mini Golf, Breakout Auckland escape rooms and Paradice Laser Tag.
Paradice Ice Skating will post updates on its website and and across our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Please note any balances will be kept in credit for when we reopen. For any questions please contact us using the contact page above.
We appreciate your ongoing support of Paradice Ice Skating and thank you for your understanding as we close our business for this time. This is a temporary measure until we can reopen Paradice and regenerate from there. Please take care of yourselves, your family and those around you as we face these uncertain times.
From the team at Paradice Ice Skating