**CLOSING until further notice**

In light of the public health threat posed by Covid-19 Corona Virus, and as part of having a duty of care to our staff, our customers and our wider community, we have decided that Paradice Ice Skating will be CLOSING until further notice. This includes Putters Paradice Mini Golf, Breakout Auckland escape rooms and Paradice Laser Tag.
Paradice Ice Skating will post updates on its website www.paradice.co.nz and www.breakout.nz and across our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Please note any balances will be kept in credit for when we reopen. For any questions please contact us using the contact page above.
We appreciate your ongoing support of Paradice Ice Skating and thank you for your understanding as we close our business for this time. This is a temporary measure until we can reopen Paradice and regenerate from there. Please take care of yourselves, your family and those around you as we face these uncertain times.
From the team at Paradice Ice Skating

Update with iclasspro

We are very excited to announce that due to an update with iclasspro (the system we use for our skate school enrolments) we now have the ability to email you when your child passes a new level, with a skills evaluation update, plus a certificate! So keep an eye on your inbox!

Also, when you log into iclasspro parent portal, on the left hand side menu you can click on  ‘Evaluate’ and have a look at your child’s skills progress.

We are taking enrolments online for our Skate School Programme – a great way to keep up with your skills, and even make some new friends during the holidays.

You can enrol online for next term anytime, as we have all term dates added to the classes on the parent portal. If you have forgotten your password, please just click this link, enter your email address, and click ‘forgot password’. You will then receive a temporary password from iclasspro so that you can log in and update your password.


Please remember to choose your preferred rink before doing the enrolment.


Skate School Practice Times

Get more out of your lesson by practicing once a week to enhance the skills you have been learning. Skate School Practice times and training are below.
Tuesdays – 5.00-6.30pm
Thursdays – 3.45 – 5.30pm
Tuesdays 5-6.30pm
Discounted rates for skate school students are $9 pp all ages.

Platinum Hire

Have you thought of upgrading to platinum hire next time you skate?

The benefits of platinum hire are a superior quality of blade, boot and more comfort. These are much easier to balance and have control when developing news skills. They are a good option to use until your are able to purchase your own skates.

$3 per time to hire.

For the Diary…

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