Kiwi Skate

KIWI SKATE is a New Zealand Skate School Programme that takes skaters through a series of fourteen badge levels from tiny tots and beginners up to a competitive level in any Ice Skating Sport such as Figure Skating, Ice Hockey & Speed Skating.

Please click here for a list of skills for each badge level.

We are pleased to announce we now have available The New Zealand Ice Skating Association (NZISA) Kiwi Skate Passbook.

This booklet lists all the skills for each badge level. The head coach can record skater’s results from their test for each badge level.  It will be great for skaters to see the skills they have passed, and what they need to work on to complete their badge level.  Skaters will be able to see the progression of skills for all the badge levels. There is also information about skate school and figure skating.