Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a fast and exciting sport that requires skill and fitness. It is a sport that can be learned and enjoyed at any age. Paradice provides enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches for all abilities and ages that have a passion to teach and grow the sport.

Ice Hockey Classes

If you are interested in learning to play hockey, Paradice Skating Academy offers two options: adult only classes on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm or classes for 12 years and older on Saturday mornings (Avondale only) from 10am-11:30am. For more information and to enrol click here

Ice Hockey

Paradise Pick Up Hockey


Players’ ability ranges from novice to top level league players who enjoy the fun, non-check side of Ice Hockey.

There are no referees or linesmen.

Full protective hockey gear must be worn. No protective gear means no play. Paradice has some gear available included in price to play, just ask at reception.

Payment must be made at reception on the night. Goalies are free.

For more information please join the Paradice Pick Up Hockey Facebook group by clicking here

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