Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a fast and exciting sport that requires skill and fitness. It is a sport that can be learnt and enjoyed at any age. Paradice provide enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches for all abilities and ages that have a passion to teach and grow the sport.


Ice Hockey 1 Class Avon 727


Paradice can supply all new Ice Hockey School Participants with the required equipment to learn to play Ice Hockey.

Helmet, Gloves, Elbow Pads, Shin Guards & Sticks are supplied free of charge.

It is recommended that players start to buy their own gear while in the hockey school as a full set of their own equipment is required when registering for the Ice Hockey League / Club Teams.

Checking In and Missed Lessons

All Hockey School participants MUST have their name marked in at the office before entering the Arena.

If a skater misses a lesson due to sickness or injury please advise Paradice and we can arrange a free pass to a public session as compensation.

This compensation offer is not valid if the arena has not been notified or informed of the absence, or the attendant does not regularly mark himself/herself in on arrival as required.

Classes and prices

Click here for Wednesday Adults Only Hockey class

Ice Hockey Classes 2021

AVONDALE: 12 Years - Adults
10:00AM - 11:30AM
6 FEB - 17 APR
8 MAY - 10 JULY
31 JULY - 2 OCT
23 OCT - 18 DEC
9 Weeks$175
10 Weeks$189
11 Weeks$210

All hockey classes include gear hire. It is recommended that students turn up 30 minutes early to make sure they get the correct gear and git.

Click here for Paradice Gear Workshop and Sharpening information, the Paradice Team will fix your Skates up for you.

For times and information about club and national league games check out these sites… or

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Ice Hockey ClassIce Hockey 1 Class Avon 727Ice Hockey

Paradise Pick Up Hockey

Paradice Pickup Hockey Scrimmages

Players ability ranges from novice to top level league players who enjoy the fun, non-check side of Ice Hockey.

There are no referees or linesmen.

Full protective hockey gear must be worn. No protective gear means no play. Paradice has some gear available included in price to play, just ask at reception.

Payment must be made at reception on the night. Goalies are free.

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Click here for Paradice Gear Workshop and Sharpening information, the Paradice Team will fix your Skates up for you.

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